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OCReef 7 Gallon Pico Reef Ready Rimless Aquarium
Price: $199.99

  • Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 12" rimless fish tank
  • An all in one tank for the space conscious hobbyist.
  • 1/2" thick, high grade A acrylic. Rounded and polished corners.
  • Black back.
  • 1/2" bulkhead return hole.
  • 3-compartment in overflow section.
  • Drain and return compartments are 3"x4".
  • Includes: high grade seamless acrylic aquarium with built-in overflow.
  • Convenient and stylish with a compact footprint, that allows you to put this nano aquarium just about anywhere.
  • Tank Capacity: Approx. 7 Gallons
↓See description & image below.↓

OCReef 7 Gallon Pico Reef Ready Rimless Aquarium

The OCReef 7 Gal. Pico Reef Ready system is ideal for any bedroom, kitchen, living-room, or office and will look stunning once stocked with micro corals and miniature inverts. Some examples of the types of marine species you may keep in this micro environment could include many species of invertebrates, including: boxing shrimp, sexy shrimp, bumble bee shrimp, hermit crabs or porcelain crabs. Also you may keep an array of corals, including: zoanthid button polyps, mushrooms, star polyps, toadstool, devils hands, and many more!

The OCReef Pico Aquarium is made from a high quality acrylic design ensuring that the tank is not only lighter and stronger than a glass equivalent, but also allows a much clearer view. For quiet unobtrusive operation in any room in the house.