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Refugium Mineral Mud 5 lbs
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  • 5 lb. bag of live mineral mud, intended for use in refugiums for macro-fauna and mangroves.
  • Live Marine Aquarium Mud will help cure a newly started saltwater reef aquarium faster
  • Adds beneficial micro-organisms
  • Can be also added to your aquarium benefiting marine fish, including certain species of Gobies that require fine mud and sand to live in the reef aquarium
  • Various size grains of mud
  • This mud is more dark brown in coloration
  • Perfect for refugiums, starting up deep sand beds, plenums and under-gravel filters
  • Note: A small heavy-weight fee, of $5.00 is added to the standard price of shipping, upon check out.
↓See detailed description below.↓
Pacific Coast Live Marine Aquarium Mud 5 lbs

Harvested from Coastal Reefs off the Pacific Coast Line. Perfect for Refugiums. Comes in a 5 lb bag. Includes a blend of sediments rich in minerals and nutrients perfect for supporting mangroves, burrowing pods, and seagrass. Provides a plethora of elements, including: calcium, iodine, iron, strontium, and beneficial bacteria.

Note: Refugium mud substrates, when adding them to the aquarium, will cloud the water, sometimes for a few days. We recommend putting the mud in the aquarium first, then slowly add the water in. Use a fine filter floss in your aquarium filter to help clear the water. Change filter floss daily until water clears.

NOTE: There is an additional $5.00 shipping fee added along with the regular shipping fee to pay for heavy weight charges.