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Squamosa Clam 3 inch to 4 inch
Price: $89.99

  • Note: Only 1 left at this incredible low price! Colors are vivid, including Browns, Golds, Yellows, and even Blues.
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Hard-to-find. Perfect to put in your large coral reef aquarium.
  • These are Healthy, Vibrant and Beautiful Squamosa Clams.
  • Fully reef compatible. Requires moderate to high lighting.
  • Compare our price to other competitors, and you'll soon realize we have the best price!
  • Note: there is an extended overnight shipping fee of $29.99 added to this item at check-out.
  • Note: picture is a representation only. However you will receive a beautiful specimen.

Squamosa Clam 3 inch to 4 inch - Makes a great addition to any saltwater coral reef aquarium. Hardy and easy to maintain.