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Chicks Dig Clownfish T-Shirt
Price: $25.99
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Size: 2X Large ; Xtra Large ; Large ; Small
  • Chicks Dig Clownfish Tee's, bring the fun out with these limited edition T-Shirts!
  • Available in carolina blue, sizes S - XXL.
  • Trademarked original graphics, that you won't find anywhere else!
  • Durable high quality cotton T-shirt.
  • Ladies get one of these for your man. Single men wear one of these to pick up the ladies by making them laugh!
  • Swagger in to your next aquarium club meeting with pizazz, while wearing the latest wear.
  • Proceeds from T-shirt's are donated to marine preservation programs nationwide.
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Chicks Dig Clownfish Tee's - Available in carolina blue, sizes S - XXL. Price: $19.99 Limited Edition.