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OCReef Wireless Remote PAR 38
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  • These PAR38 LED Lamps are designed to grow your corals, and to bring out the neon colors in your corals, including: blue's, red's, green's, purple's, and yellow's.
  • These PAR38 are also perfect for freshwater planted biotope aquariums or dedicated aquariums, for example a 30 gallon Seahorse Aquarium.
  • Multiple configurations to create a variety of light spectrums, all from the hand held wireless remote controller.
  • Modes include: Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth (Unit is dimmable from remote control.)
  • You'll have fun with the OCReef Wireless Remote PAR38 RGB (Red, Green, Blue).
  • LED colors include: Red, Green, and Blue. Great for keeping corals.
  • The OCReef PAR38, the most versatile LED Light on the aquarium market.
  • Perfect to place over a refugium or sump, that has mangroves or macro-algae.
  • Provides a marvelous shimmer effect. Makes corals fluoresce.
  • Made of high quality components, including Aluminum Alloy heat manifold for keeping the light cool at all times.
  • 90 degree optic lens gives light spread, and focuses light downward for depth penetration.
  • Screws into a normal standard lighting socket. Pick-up PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamp Fixtures at any local hardware store, including Home Depot and Lowes.
  • CE and RoHS Compliant.
↓See description below.↓
RGB PAR38 LED Aquarium Light Image showing a RGB LED Light Emitting Diode. Notice the three variable colors inside each Diode.→

Extended Description:

One remote control can control several lamps.

R: 615 ~ 620 nm
G: 515 ~ 520 nm
B: 460 ~ 465 nm

Power consumption 36 Watts, lens angle 90 degrees, Standard 1 inch E26/E27 Base, Length: 4.8 in, Diameter: 4.8 in, Weight: 500 gm, Certifications CE, RoHS. Measures Approximately 5 inches in height & around top (Diameter). CNC lathed (Computer Numerical Control) for perfection. Dimmable.

Add a beautiful shimmering effect to any aquarium, and watch your corals fluoresce with PAR38. A cost effective way to add LED Lighting to any aquarium. Add to your existing aquarium lighting, or use by itself on refugiums, mini tanks, sumps / wet & dry filters etc.

This is a very high power light rated at 36 Watts. The LEDs are 3 Watt each. This light is using quality components and is well designed to optimize the function of the LEDs. The driver features a heat resistant capacitor, and the heat manifold is made of an aluminum alloy, with high density rapid cooling fins.

Applications For Use: All Aquariums, including: Nanos, Large Aquarium Areas, Refugiums, Sump / Wet & Dry Filters, Nursery Tanks, Quarantine Tanks, and Sick/Hospital Tanks. Just about any area of your aquarium that you can think of. See the all White CREE PAR38 LED Aquarium Light over a Mangrove Tree. See the PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamp over the sump filter.

Q & A How many do you think you need, based on what you are using it for? 1 PAR 38 would be okay for a saltwater coral reef aquarium of up to 27 gallons or so, but anything larger we'd run 2 or as many needed to support your aquarium.

RGB PAR38 Lamp showing its various controlled color possibilities
PAR 38 Aquarium Light

Remote control configurations
PAR38 LED Aquarium Light

All components are high quality. Specifications subject to change as technologies change. Order now or pre-order now to take advantage of the sale price.