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Calanus Flake Fish Food, Made with Real Copepods
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  • Made using real Calanus, a marine decapod copepod. One of the highest quality fish foods on the market.
  • Saltwater marine reef fish formula. Best for marine fish, but can also be fed to freshwater fish.
  • New Weight 15g. Packed and sealed fresh.
  • Calanus® Complete Premium Flake Food is manufactured at low pressure and low heat for a high quality dry aquarium food.
  • The flakes are packed full of all the superb properties of Calanus® particularly the all important omega's EPA, DHA and SDA.
  • An all natural dedicated vitamin and mineral formula has been added, to ensure that your fish are getting the best nutrition available. Your fish will love the taste and get all of the necessary nutrients for proper health.
  • Feed your fish 2 – 3 times per day with as much food as they can consume within three minutes.
  • An highly recommended product. We feed this product to our own fish.
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Calanus First Bite Fish Food

Detailed information about Calanus® Premium Flake Food 15g

Calanus® is a decapod (10 legged) free swimming zooplankton that are instantly recognized by their intense blood-orange coloration. This coloration stems from the extremely high levels of astaxanthin and other carotenoids stored within the Calanus® body.

Calanus® is the "engine" of the eco-system in the Atlantic Ocean constituting a complete blend of essential components required by fish and other sea life, including corals and invertebrates. These components are of vital importance for the healthy growth and development of larval and juvenile fish and shrimps.

Calanus® are harvested in spring when they rise to the surface layers of the North Atlantic Ocean to feed on phytoplankton.
The Calanus® are harvested using patented harvesting technology and quickly frozen on board the vessel to ensure the product is of premium quality when it reaches the end user. As the Calanus® is frozen immediately upon harvest it is more nutritious than many collected live plankton organisms as they can quickly lose their nutritional values if they are not feeding between harvest and aquarium use.

Experimental tests have indicated that the Calanus® are highly beneficial to the immune system of aquatic life therefore providing greatly improved survival rates. Calanus® contains very high levels of the famed fatty acids EPA, DHA and SDA, the latter of which is surprisingly of plant origin and is present also in plankton algae and certain terrestrial plants.

Calanus Premium Flake Food Feeding Calanus® Flake
Sprinkle the flakes onto the water for surface feeders or pinch the flakes with thumb and forefinger under the water surface to sink for mid water and bottom feeders.

Feed your fish 2 – 3 times per day with as much food as they can consume within three minutes.

Calanus Fish Flake Aquarium Food