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Maxspect Mazarra P-Series MZ-P01 Complete LED Lighting System
Price: $699.99

LED Modules: 1 LED Module ; 2 LED Modules (+ $400.00); 3 LED Modules (+ $900.00); 4 LED Modules (+ $1,300.00)
  • The Mazarra utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, from wireless controller to latest LED chips, offering optimized performance and unparalleled energy efficiency.
  • The Mazarra is designed with one goal in mind: Customizable YOU take full control over your aquarium lighting!
  • The following items are included with this product: 1 Maxspect Mazarra P MZ-P01 LED Module, 1 Maxspect Mazarra P MZ-P02 Frame Mount, 1 Maxspect Mazarra P MZ-PO3 Power Supply, and 1 Maxspect Mazarra P Series Controller.
  • Fully programmable photoperiod, including: Weather Mode and Dawn/Dusk Mode.
  • Note: Your have the option to choose up to (4) light modules. It comes standard with 1.
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Maxspect Mazarra P-Series MZ-P01 Complete LED Lighting System - Take complete control and enhance your reef lighting with the Mazarra LED System. The Maxspect Mazarra LED Lighting System is an innovative solution to modern aquarium lighting. It has a splendid contemporary design, elegantly crafted from aluminum where every detail was carefully attended to. The Mazarra is not only just a lighting fixture for your aquarium, but also a centerpiece of your living area.

Included LEDs:
  • 4-Cree XM-L @ 1500mA
  • 4-Bridgelux 10k@700mA
  • 3-Luxeon Rebel 460nm Royal @700mA
  • 3-Luxeon Reble 480nm Blue @ 700mA
  • 2-Bridgelux 420nm@700mA
  • 60 Watts Each Module
  • Wireless Controller
  • 4 Independent Dimmable Channels
  • Cree XM-L, Luxeon Rebel, and Bridelux Chips
  • Pre-Programmed Weather Mode
  • Actively Cooled. Including Fans
  • 100, 70, and 40 Degree Optic Lens Included
  • Swivel and Slide Mount Included
  • Each LED module comes with cables, platform mount, and sectional frame rail rail.
  • Power supply supports 2 LED modules.
  • Each frame set includes the hanging kit, the support mount to sit the frame on a tank, and additional rail sections.
  • It's recommended for frame sets that will be supporting 8 LED modules to be hung, in order to avoid putting too much stress on the glass aquarium.
  • Please Note: If you intend to install more than one row using the support mount to sit on the tank, you'll need to purchase another mount set. Sold separately.