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Nuvo Mini 38 Gallon Aquarium (Tank Only)
Price: $400.00

Color : White ; Black
  • 38 Gallon Capacity, for Salt and Freshwater
  • 8 mm High Grade Bent Glass
  • Tempered Glass Lid & Clips
  • Operates extremely quiet. Designed for hassle free maintenance.
  • 476 GPH Pump w/ built-in Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Dual Overflows
  • Includes (2) Media Baskets
  • Includes Mechanical Sponges
  • Includes Activated Carbon Sponges
  • Includes Phosphate Sponges
  • Includes (2) Flare Nozzles
  • Designated Heater Column
  • Designated Refugium Column
  • Note: Select your desired tank color from the drop down, then Add to Cart.
  • Note: There is a heavy-weight shipping fee for this item. It ships to you on a pallet from a courier service.
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Weight: 78.26 lb
Make a BOLD statement with the Luxurious Nuvo Mini 38. Innovative Marine's flagship show-tank with progressive features, stunning lines, and dependable quality. Relax and enjoy as it naturally blends with the ebb & flow of any decor while offering the latest in filtration, for crystal clear water, and powerful water flow. Innovative Marine Nuvo Mini 38

  • 38 gallon capacity
  • 8 mm bent glass
  • Tempered glass lid & clips
  • Dimensions: 19.02" high X 19.02" front to back (including 4.3" filtration area) X 23.62" across.
  • The back filter wall is clear, and the JBJ Nano Glo LED Refugium Light is a great choice for lighting this area.
  • 476 gph pump
  • Acrylic filter wall w/ dual overflows
  • (2) Media baskets
  • Mechanical sponges
  • Activated carbon sponges
  • Phosphate sponges
  • Flare nozzle
  • Designated heater column (1.97"L x 4.3" W x 15.35"H)
  • Designated skimmer column (2.95" L x 4.3"W x 15.35"H)
  • The middle area can be used as a refugium.
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