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Majano Wand Aiptasia and Majano Eliminator Zapper
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  • The purpose of the Majano Wand is to eliminate Majano & Aiptasia Anemones in hobbyist reef aquariums.
  • The Majano Wand does not kill by electrocuting the animal. It operates on the principal that when electricity is emitted into salt water it produces two gases. Continue reading...

    One of these gases is hydrogen and it is what is generated at the stainless steel tip.

    Hydrogen is the lightest element on earth, and when the probe touches the Majano it causes the water in the cells of the animal to turn into hydrogen.

    These animals are mostly water, so the animal just disintegrates.
  • The device operates on low voltage and will not shock you if your hand is in the water.
  • Note: Includes a shipping fee, because it's considered an oblong package from the shipping carriers..
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