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Orphek PR-25 (12 LEDs) Dimmable LED Pendants PAR 38
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type: PR-25 Dimmable 6 Blue/6 White ; PR-25UV Dimmable 6 Blue/4 White/2 UV
  • Screws into a normal light socket. Tip: Light socket fixtures can be found at your local hardware store & furniture stores, including Lowe's, Home Depot, and Ikea.
  • An inexpensive method to get into LED lighting.
  • Over twice the emitters, twice the light, and half the weight of other PAR38 bulbs.
  • The only PAR38 LED light to include UV/true violet for fluorescence color enhancements, and for increased growth to your corals.
  • It does not require external ballast or fan.
  • Dimmable with any standard household dimmer.
  • Incredibly versatile, it is a great solution for pico, nano and mid-size aquariums.
  • Bulbs emit more useable light for coral per watt.
  • Lightest LED PAR 38 pendant available, easy to combine with other fixtures.
  • Cool operating temperature.
  • Orphek's patented Power LED™ diodes produce twice the photosynthetically useable radiation per watt.
  • PR-25UV: 6 Royal Blue / 4 true 15k white Power LED Gen 2™ / 2 UV-Violet diodes ~"20k" with UV for enhanced coral fluorescents.
  • PR-25: 6 blue / 6 true 15k white Power LED Gen2™ ~14-16k.
  • Note: Select your desired type from the drop down, then Add to Cart.

Orphek PR-25 (12 LEDs) Dimmable LED Pendants PAR 38 - The PR-25 is a PAR38 form factor bulb (screws into a normal light socket). It houses 12 light emitting diodes, running at 2 watts each, and available in various color combinations. The PR-25 is an excellent, cost effective and efficient choice for nano and mid-sized aquariums.