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DIY LED Aquarium Light Kit
Price: $169.99
Our Price: $149.99
You Save: $20.00 (12%)

Size: 24 LED Kit ; 14 LED Kit
  • See image of 29 Gallon Oceanic Biocube LED Retrofit canopy. See below, for more previous customer retrofit images.
  • Perfect for keeping corals. Retrofit your existing Power Compact or T5 Fixture to LED.
  • Everything included in these Brand New "Raw Do It Yourself Kits!"
  • Most Popular: (24) 3 Watt Bridgelux LED Aquarium Lighting Kit Includes:
  • (12) 3 Watt White Bridgelux LEDs
  • (12) 3 Watt Royal Blue Bridgelux LEDs
  • 1 Aluminum Heat Sink: Measures Approx. 5 inches in Width x 1 inch in Height x 16 inches in Length.
  • (24) Sixty degree optics
  • (2) constant current dimmable LED driver's (100V-240V)
  • (2) dimmer controllers
  • Includes (2) tubes of heat sink plaster to mount LEDs to the heat sink. No drilling required.
  • Wiring Included: 1 meter wire, 4 connector wires, 2 power cords
  • Includes 1 cooling fan, and 1 DC 12 Volt fan driver
  • Note: This is a D.I.Y Kit. Full Assembly will be required. Including Soldering.
  • Note: The color of the heat sink is black. The picture depicts the heat sink before it's painted with a black protective coating.
  • Note: The sizes are the following: 14 Led Kit, and 24 Led Kit. Select your desired size from the drop down, then Add to Cart.

Note: Images shown are generalizations and depictions of the suggested product. Accessories and parts may change, and fluctuate, due to the increasing rate of technological changes. However, rest assured you will get a high quality D.I.Y kit with 3 Watt Bridgelux LEDs, along with all of the specifications described above, to support a saltwater coral reef aquarium. The DIY kit will include the latest parts available, on the market to date, at the time of shipping. Kits will come with a Maxwellen Driver. Includes free hanging kit. Assembly instructions included.

Specifications subject to change.

Expedited shipping not available for this item, since they are put together per order.

Image of After DIY LED Kit Install. See Before Install Image Below.

DIY LED Aquarium Retrofit Kit

Image of Before DIY LED Kit Install. It was originally an energy consuming T5 fixture.

DIY LED Aquarium Fish Light Kit