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AlgaGen Live Reefpods Copepods 8 oz in Safe Pour Pouch
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Species: Tisbe ; Tangerine
  • Note: There is a $10.00 Special Handling Fee for each bag, along with the standard shipping fee. This covers cool packs, and the styrofoam shipping container, to ensure a safe arrival.
  • Recommended Use: The included copepod species are a great food source for many saltwater reef animals. They eat detritus, micro algae and leftover fish food, and should reproduce well in your system. Use them to feed directly or to seed a refugium.
  • Reef Pods™ Copepods come in a non-toxic, easy pour polymer pouch with screw cap. In the package they have a 4 week life span.
  • The Tisbe strain of copepod is subtropical, do not refrigerate.
  • Tips /Hints: ReefPods (Copepods) Tisbe spp. are (small but visible). About a week later after introducing them to your aquarium or refugium you will notice hundreds of these little copepods all over your glass and substrate.
  • Note: Select desired species from drop down.
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AlgaGen Live Reefpods Copepods Live Fish Food 8 oz

  • Approximately 100 to 200 count or more copepods per bag.
  • Has a 4 week shelf-life span at room temperature.
  • These copepods offer the best of both worlds, being that they are great detritivores, and a great food source.
  • A natural food for many saltwater marine fish and coral, including: SPS, LPS, mandarin dragonets, gobies, scooter blennies, six line wrasse, sea horse, and pipefish.
  • They are ideal to start seeding your refugium or when preparing to add a pod-eating fish, including: mandarin dragonets, sand sifting gobies, scooter blennies, six line wrasse, most species of pipefish and seahorse.
  • The copepods are shipped in high quality (live green phytoplankton) reverse osmosis saltwater. You can add them directly to your refugium or aquarium. Convenient for starting an aqua-culture for your own.