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Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filter FB600 Good for up to 600 Gallon
Price: $109.99

  • Brand new open box clearance special. Only 1 unit in stock, it won't last long at this price!
  • The FB600 is extremely easy to install. Install on aquariums from 5 to 600 gallons. Great for saltwater fish and reef aquariums.
  • For saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
  • Hang-on or can stand next to a sump filter or behind an aquarium, with included stand.
  • Tall slim-line foot print. The Dimensions of: 26.75" X 7.5" X 3.0" makes this filter easy to install, and hides behind your aquarium with ease.
  • Note: Does not include the fluidized bio-sand. (Sold Separately). The FB600 Holds 2 Containers of the Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Fluidized Sand.
  • highly recommended for breaking down fish waste. Due to its unique shape, the Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filter is an extremely efficient high capacity "biological" filter.
↓See detailed description below.↓
Fluidized Sand Filters allow for an extremely large surface area, for processing fish waste on an organic level. These are great filters for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, and will help to drastically keep nitrate levels down. Sand filters are used worldwide by public aquariums, including the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Of course their sand filters are on a much larger scale, however the fluidized sand bed filter concept is the same. We incorporate sand bed filters on our own reef aquariums at

  • Adjustable Hang-On Tank Clamp - Spring loaded clamp creates a snug fit to any aquarium or reservoir tank.
  • Includes Check Valve - Keeps media in place and allows for easy start up. External location for easy cleaning or replacement. Can be used in either the top or bottom inlet port.
  • Angular shaped media collide frequently, knocking off debris which creates new area for bacterial growth to occur - Enormous surface area for bacterial growth. (Sold Separately).
  • Becomes easily fluidized with a small power head pump. Power head pumps sold separately.
  • Includes internal distribution plate.
  • Versatility - Inlet ports on each side of the base makes for a perfect below tank installation. Use inlet ports on each side to connect multiple units together for any size installation. Inlet and outlet ports at the top makes for a perfect hang-on aquarium installation.
  • Designed to lift the sand bed evenly and completely, for perfect fluidization.
  • Includes free standing base. Holds unit in place for installations below or beside the aquarium.
  • Includes Control Valve - Adjusts media level for maximum expansion of the filter bed and proper water flow. Prevents media from escaping and entering aquarium. Can be easily removed to add additional media.
  • The waterfall effect increases oxygen level by spreading out a thin sheet of gently falling water.
  • The Innovative design creates more filter volume area for increased capacity.
  • Includes a flat side for a snug fit to any aquarium or reservoir tank.
  • The chamber is clear for easy to view fluidization level at a glance.