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AquaDine Premium Marine Pro Duraflake Fish Food
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You won't want to miss out on this fish food! It should be a part of every saltwater aquarium owners staple diet for their marine fish.

Scientifically balanced nutrition, designed for all Saltwater Aquarium Fish, as part of their staple diet.

OCReef highly recommends this quality, high grade, Marine Fish Food. We feed this to our own fish tanks. Your fish will love it!

2 oz package. AquaDine offers: Clear Water, Vibrant Colors, and Healthy Fish

We guarantee your marine fish will love this food, or will give you your money back, and pay to have it shipped back to us.

↓See detailed description below.

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MarinePro Duraflake Fish Food

This formula is recommended for all carnivore and omnivorous marine fish. Because marine fish live in an environment high in minerals, a mineral supplement is not added to these feeds. Leaving out the minerals can actually reduce stress on your fish, as they would otherwise have to excrete the unneeded minerals.

  • Scientifically balanced nutrition designed for Saltwater Aquarium Fish.
  • Easily accepted by a wide variety of marine fish.
  • Highly concentrated diet.
  • Fish can be fed less often and aquarium water stays cleaner.
  • Manufactured without high heat.
  • All essential nutrients intact.
  • A superb feed for middle and bottom feeders.
  • Retains vitamins longer.
  • Water soluble vitamins do not leach out as quickly.
  • Freezable to extend shelf life.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A., unlike most other fish foods on the market today.
  • Highly Recommended Fish Food.
Note: We carry the entire line of AquaDine Fish Foods. Please inquire if you don't see the particular flavor AquaDine Fish Food you desire.