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Oceans Motions 4 Way Version 3 Wave Maker
Price: $499.00

  • In stock
  • Made of quality components. Will give you years of wave making service.
  • This unit is completely silent when operating, and may be used on aquariums from 30 gallons up to 750 gallons.
  • These units are used by experts, saltwater reef hobbyists, and public aquariums worldwide.
  • Advantages include, you don't need to have unsightly powerheads showing, taking up valuable real estate inside your aquarium.
  • Many ways to configure installation.
  • An OCReef.com Recommended Product. An OCReef.com product used by us in our aqua culture facility.
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
↓See detailed images below.↓
Without a doubt the OceansMotions 4 Way is the favorite amongst reef-keepers worldwide!

From 75 to 750 gallon aquariums, this versatile unit will solve all your flow needs. With a capacity of over 7500 GPH and no minimum requirements, the 4 Way will give you unlimited years of wave making service.

The 4 Way unit is magnetically sealed and driven and comes prewired with a 6 foot grounded cord and a 3 prong plug.

This particular model for sale is Version 3, which has the water port holes aligned to allow water to flow through ports 1 & 3, then to ports 4 & 2, then repeated. (This is the best selling version).

Oceans Motions 4 Way Plumbing Examples Below: Plumbing configurations are endless and with many hobbyists drilling tanks, the possibilities never end.

Standard 4 Way mounted directly to Little Giant 4
Oceans Motions 4 Way

Little Giant plumbed vertically for a below and behind tank application
Oceans Motions 4 Way Wavemaker

Simple 4 Way installation where 4 Way is mounted behind, and at tank level
Oceans Motions

Sample 2
Ocean Motions 4 Way

Sample 3
Oceans Motions for sale

Sample 4
Oceans Motions Revolutions

Sample 5
Oceans Motions 1 Inch Omnis

Sample 6
Oceans Motions Wave Making Device