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Aqueon Mini Bow 1 Gallon Desktop Aquarium with Kit
Price: $32.99
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  • Note: For a limited time only we'll include a free decoration with purchase of aquarium.
  • Makes an excellent gift for anyone. An ideal aquarium for Betta Fish.
  • Includes: Mini Bow 1 Aquarium 8" W x 6" D x 9" H, Quiet Flow™ Power Filter and Cartridge, Aquarium Light Hood (Blue Color) and 7 Watt Incandescent Bulb, Aqueon Betta Food and Water Conditioner Samples.
  • The filter in this Desktop Kit is designed with the same technology as the larger Aqueon filters.
  • High flow rates, virtually silent operation and quality construction make this filter an outstanding performer. It's also simple to set up and operate.
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Aqueon Minibow 1 is an exceptional fish tank perfect for small fish needs. This fun and easy aquarium will bring you hours of enjoyment everyday and is perfect for a first aquarium. The Aqueon Mini Bow desktop aquarium kits includes, an acrylic bowfront fish tank, mini bow filter, full lighted hood with bulb and convenient feeding door, aqueon water conditioner (10ml), aqueon tropical flakes (.45 oz.), set-up and care guide.