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MicroHabitat 15 Marine Nano Aquarium
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  • A complete micro marine aquarium set up, for an all in one tank solution for the space conscious hobbyist.
  • Includes: high grade seamless acrylic aquarium, clear condensation lid, LG AquaRay® Led Lighting, built-in overflow, protein skimmer, thermometer, hydrometer, H2 60-Air Pump, non return valve, airline, heater, and Hikari Crab Cuisine.
  • Convenient and stylish with a compact footprint allows you to put this micro nano aquarium anywhere.
  • Tank Capacity: 3.2 Gallons
  • Dimensions: Length: 27 cm x Width: 23.5 cm x Height 26 cm
  • Note: ↑See the "Click Here for Larger Image" above. This larger image will allow you to see the protein skimmer.
↓See detailed description and video below.
MicroHabitat 15 Marine Nano Aquarium

The Micro Habitat is ideal for any bedroom, kitchen, living-room, or office and will look stunning once stocked with micro corals and miniature inverts. Some examples of the types of invertebrate species you may keep in this micro environment could include many species of shrimp, including: boxing shrimp, sexy shrimp, bumble bee shrimp. Also you may keep a variety of crabs, including: hermit crabs or porcelain crab.

The Micro Habitat 15 is made from a high quality acrylic design ensuring that the tank is not only lighter and stronger than a glass equivalent, but also allows a much clearer view.

Micro Habitat 15 Aquarium Filtration and Water Flow
The built in filtration system and integral pump with multidirectional outlet ensures optimum water quality and minimal maintenance. Also it comes complete with its unique integrated air driven protein skimmer, for quiet, unobtrusive operation in any room in the house.

AquaRay Micro LED Lighting
The MicroHabitat 15 incorporates an AquaRay Micro LED light system which uses high quality LG TopLED's (Ocean White 9000 Kelvin) for long lasting light output.

The water volume of the tank is 3.2 gallons and the dimensions are L27cm x W23.5cm xH26cm, if you include the skimmer collection cup then the height will increase to 30cm. Please note that the height stated is not including the LED Light as this can be adjusted.

The MicroHabitat 15 is a complete solution, being shipped with all the required accessories. In addition to the protein skimmer and light, it is also packed with the following: Clear Condensation Lid, Micro Thermometer, Hydrometer, H2 Air 60-Air Pump, Non Return Valve, Airline, H2 Therm 10 Micro Heater, and 2g Hikari Crab Cuisine.