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Blue Mushroom Coral Actinodiscus Species
Price: $39.99
Our Price: $19.99
You Save: $20.00 (50%)

  • Aqu-Cultured from our own private stock. Disease Free. Parasite Free.
  • Adds color to any reef aquarium.
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Temperament: Peaceful to Semi-aggressive
  • Required Lighting: Moderate, Prefers Blue LED Lighting
  • Water-flow: Low to Medium
  • Aquarium Placement: All
  • Required Saltwater Conditions: 72-78� F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
  • Color Form: Will be either Blue or Purple depending on your particular aquarium lights.
  • Supplements: Iodine, Micro-Plankton
  • Native Origin: Indonesia, Indo Pacific
  • Family: Actinodiscidae/Discosomatidae
  • Note: Corals are shipped overnight. A fee of $23.99 is included along with the standard shipping cost.
↓See pricing & description below.↓
The Blue Mushroom Coral receives some of its nutritional requirements through the photosynthesis of the symbiotic algae zooxanthellae which it hosts inside its body. It feeds on other nutrients as well, including: particulate matter, micro-plankton, and brine shrimp.

Note: It ships on a small chip of live rock/rubble, containing one single mushroom. *This coral will require a few days after acclimation to fully open. All pictures and descriptions are generalizations and cannot be exact representations, however you will definitely receive a beautiful aqua-cultured Blue Mushroom Coral.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1 inch. *Image above has been enlarged for viewing purposes.