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AquaVue Coral Booster 14 LED Fixture by CoralVue
Price: $155.99
Our Price: $145.99
You Save: $10.00 (6%)

  • Measures 18 inch x 1.5 inch (Length x Width). Very easy to retrofit into any existing aquarium lighting scheme.
  • AquaVue LED Coral Boosters use one watt high quality Cree super deep blue actinic LEDs that will give corals an intense glow not seen under any other supplemental lighting.
  • Use these lights to enhance aquarium lighting spectrum or as an intense moonlight effect. It comes with hanging kit or can be mounted directly to a canopy.
  • Includes power supply with on/off switch.
  • High quality CREE LEDs are used in this fixture.
  • The AquaVue 28 LED CREE Aquarium Light is the alternative version.
↓See description below.↓
The AquaVue CREE LED Coral Boosters by CoralVue are a great way to add supplemental actinic lighting to your aquarium. You have two models to choose from either a 14 LED, or the AquaVue 28 LED CREE Aquarium light strip, with each lighting strip using 1 Watt CREE LEDs. If you haven't started to invest in LEDs for your aquarium yet, then this is a great product to do it without breaking the bank.