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Dolphin Amp Master 4750 SW External Water Pump
Price: $559.90

  • Dolphin External Water Pumps are quality built and run extremely quiet, making them a worthy investment.
  • Can be toggled back to perform for your particular application.
  • Great for saltwater aquariums over 100 gallons. Perfect sump application pump for awesome water flow and pressure.
  • For Aquariums or Ponds.
  • This is a highly recommend product for quality and quietness.
↓See detailed description below.↓
Dolphin Amp Master 4750 SW External Water Pump

  • Lowest amp draw marine aquarium water pump... saving you on electricity.
  • Very cool running and extremely silent running.
  • Circulates up to 4750 GPH.
  • All new engineering, using fringe tech seals, making the dolphin the best pump worldwide for aquariums or ponds.
  • Lifetime factory service guarantee.
  • Extremely compact, out performing competitors heavy, bulky, 2 inch pumps.
  • Built to consume the lowest amount of energy per gallon pumped.
  • Unique seal engineered to perform @ 100% for life.
  • Built to outlast all other comparable pump seals on the market to date.