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Rare Live Blue Sponge
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  • This rare species of sponge is photosynthetic and once grown out, makes a great centerpiece in a reef tank.
  • This is a fast growing photosynthetic sponge that will grow onto your rocks. It is very bright blue even under white lights.
  • Note: Some species of angelfish, starfish, and triggers love to munch on sponges so be sure to choose fish that won't hurt your sponge.
  • Frag Size: Approx. 1 inch frag.
  • This is an Aqua-Cultured sponge, bred in captivity from a mother colony.
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↓See detailed description below.↓
Rare Live Blue Sponge Frag

Care Requirements:

Considering that sponges are suspension feeders, it is best to keep them in an area of the aquarium with moderate to low flow where they can have easy access to suspended food. Of course, they must be kept away from species that could possibly sting or damage them. Also, the location you choose for your sponge may determine its growth pattern and its shape, based on the water flow around its new home. Typically, sponges in high flow areas grow relatively short, are often rounded and tend to encrust more. Sponges in lower flow areas typically exhibit a more branching and vertical morphology.

Lighting Requirements:

They should be kept under high light. High Intensity CREE Led's or Metal Halide lighting seems to work well.

All sponges, including the Blue Sponge will require some very special care to survive in the home aquarium. The most critical concern is that it never be exposed to the air. If it is, air becomes trapped in the matrix of channels that line the inside of its body. With air blocking the path for planktonic food to reach its cells, it will eventually starve to death.

The Blue Sponge is a suspension feeder and will require supplemental feeding with planktonic food and other dissolved organic foods.

NOTE: This Marine Animal should be kept by the experienced "Expert Level" reef hobbyist only. This animal is shipped healthy, we do not offer a money back guarantee on this item due to the complexity and rarity of it. Thus far all of our sponges sold have survived in the purchasers aquariums.

NOTE: The image above has been enlarged for viewing purposes.

NOTE: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. The major differences are the shapes of them, and the blue color variations, which can often look like a shade of purple-blue under certain lighting.

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