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SMS122 PH Monitor /Controller
Price: $169.94
Our Price: $129.94
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  • The Milwaukee MC122 is the newly upgraded version of the SMS122, and now includes a Power plug for CO2 dosing.
  • Other pH monitors have a universal use, the MC122 was especially designed for use with aquariums.
  • Includes Smart Monitoring System
  • Effectively monitors your aquariums pH.
  • A recommended piece of equipment for Calcium Reactor CO2 Set Up's, and for Freshwater Planted Aquariums.
  • Includes the electrode probe.
  • Has a warning alarm to indicate when pH level is entering into an unsafe zone.
  • Plugs into a standard home outlet.
  • Easy to calibrate, when needed.
  • Two Year Manufacturer Warranty.
↓See detailed description below.↓
Milwaukee Instruments pH Monitor/Controller, MC122 Upgraded Version from SMS122

The Milwaukee MC122 pH Monitor/Controller monitors values in your aquarium and allows you to control other equipment when a user selectable point is reached (it also has visual alarm). This meter has two point calibration and a set point range of 5.5-9.6 pH. It includes electrode, 20 mL 7.01 calibration solution, AC adapter and controlled outlets. You may wish to purchase extra pH calibration solution.