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Poly-Reactor Multi-Media Reactor
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The ViaAqua Poly Reactor is built with high quality acrylic and an easy to remove lid with a recessed o-ring. The reverse water flow eliminates water channeling through the filter media thus efficiently utilizing filtering media. The Poly Reactor comes ready to use with a pump and all necessary plumbing parts. It's designed to be installed either in-sump or hanging on the tank. This versatile filter can be used for a number of different applications: phosphate, resins, phosphate sponge, activated carbon, nitrate sponge and other resin filtering medias.15" X 5" Includes reaction chamber, down tube, intake tubing, sediment discharge filter, two barbed fittings, two lock nuts, lid, o-ring, two media strainers, two media sponges, hanger, a suction cup bracket, control valve, pump and tubing.