Chaeto Macro Algae Chaetomorpha

  • Tennis ball size portion is plenty for you to start growing in your aquatic system
  • Aqua-cultured and hardy
  • Great addition to any refugium
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Chaetomorpha is widely regarded for its filtering capabilities in saltwater and coral reef aquariums. It is a hardy species of macro algae that can even be kept by beginner aquarists. Its propagation is very easy as it can be kept and grown in varying locations throughout your aquatic system. The presence of the Chaeto helps reduce phosphates and nitrates as well as other nutrients and dissolved organic compounds found in aquarium water. Chaeto is a great habitat for micro fauna such as Copepods and Amphipods, where they reside and populate. With the proper care and lighting this small amount of Chaeto will begin to grow fast, and being to help you maintain aquarium water quality.
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Very Nice!
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