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Prodibio Bio Kit Nano Reef

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prodibio reef booster
Price: $59.99
Code: OC-PD02737


  • This product has received great reviews from Nano Cube and Aquapod owners.
  • Complete maintenance kit specially designed for nano-reef aquariums.
  • Digests organic waste and clears the water by reducing nitrates and phosphates.
  • Speeds up the work of purifying bacteria and the production of enzymes needed to remove waste.
  • Contains essential elements that stimulate the growth of hard corals and clams and the production of red calcareous and pink encrusting algae.
  • Helps corals adapt to lighting variations, stabilizing their coloring.
  • Comes in convenient easy to open vials. Each vial is sealed under nitrogen providing an extremely stable and concentrated product.
  • Used by serious reef hobbyists worldwide.
↓See detailed description below.↓
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The Prodibio Company combines science, advanced aquaculture techniques, and cutting edge biotechnology. Each vial is packed under nitrogen providing excellent product stability, retaining a strong concentration as it is sheltered from oxygen in the air.

Product Description: Prodibio incorporates into its Nano Reef Bio Kit a full range of products specially designed for the care of small reef tanks. This 20 vial kits is a 10 week care program for nano reefs up to 40 Liters (10 gallons). Vials include the following below:
  • BIO DIGEST Nano eliminates organic waste and ensures the best water quality by reducing nitrates and phosphates.
  • BIOPTIM Nano enhances the action of the bacteria from Bio DIGEST Nano by supplying trace elements and vitamins.
  • REEF BOOSTER Nano is finely micronized food, enriches with essential W-3 fatty acids. It has been designed for feeding invertebrates, hard corals and live rocks.
  • IODI + Nano helps the corals maintain their natural colors and prevents bleaching by supplying iodine, and essential element for their growth.
  • STRONTI+ Nano is a source of strontium, which is essential for the growth of red calcareous algae, and of the skeleton of hard corals.
Every 15 days:
  • BIO DIGEST Nano: 1 vial up to 40 liters ( 10 gallons )
  • BIOPTIM Nano: 1 vial up to 40 liters ( 10 gallons )
  • IODI + Nano: 1 vial up to 40 liters ( 10 gallons )
  • STRONTI + Nano: 1 vial up to 40 liters ( 10 gallons )
Every week:
  • REEF Booster Nano: 1 vial / 40 liters ( 10 gallons ).
Note: Strongly shake vials before use. Dispose of empty vials safely. Keep out of reach of children.

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days

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