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Photo Contest Winner September 2009
Photo Contest Winner September 2009 Description: 75 Gallon, Reef Sand Filter, 55 Gallon Carbon Filter, Fluval 400 Canister Filter, with Coralife Lights and Protein Skimmer.

Fish: (1) Volitan Black Lion Fish and (1) Volitan Red Lion Fish, a Sail Fin Tang, Mono Live Rock, a Reef Lobster, Snails and Crabs of various kinds..... Remember if you get Lion Fish, make sure you always keep your hands out of the aquarium at all times, and partition them off when cleaning the aquarium! My personal advice regarding the Lion Fish: they should be kept by advanced hobbyists only! Proceed with extreme caution while learning the characteristics of Lion Fish. Remember to ask lots of questions, enjoy this hobby and have fun!

My Corals: Green Starburst Polyps.

About Yourself: I'm from Michigan, United States. My dad got me into this wonderful fish hobby, and "I LOVE IT". Eventually I want a bigger tank!
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