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OPTIMAXX® LED Aquarium Light Smart System 60w

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optimaxx Nano LED Aquarium Light
CREE Aquarium LED Light
Price: $319.99
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  • Size: (L x W x H) 10.7 x 10.5 x 1.9 inches
  • LED number: 18
  • LED Brand: CREE USA
  • Power: 60 Watts
  • Lumens: 2700
  • Net weight: 4 lbs
  • Full spectrum 14K~16K, great for coral reef aquariums and freshwater planted biotopes. See included CREE LED colors below.
  • Includes hanging kit and mounting legs.
  • All USA CREE LEDs and 98% USA inner components are used to build the OptiMaxx LED aquarium lights.
  • LEDs are specifically binned for optimal looks and performance.
↓See details & images below.↓
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OPTIMAXX® LED Aquarium Light Smart System 60w

The OptiMaxx 60w Nano Light fixture is exclusively developed to provide all essential ranges of color spectrum required by photosynthetic corals and plants. A well balanced color spectrum is crucial for the success of both marine reef and planted aquariums. Benefits, include: an enhanced growth rate, more fluorescence and increased color enhancement in your corals. The OptiMaxx was inspired by a colleague of ours from Europe, whom originally manufactured the following light well over 8 yrs. ago. Well before others claimed they were the original to this design. See it here. LED Aquarium Light.

Why CREE™? CREE's advantage is in the materials they use. CREE LED chips combine highly efficient InGaN materials with proprietary G•SIC® substrates to deliver superior price/performance for high-intensity LEDs.

Specifications Continued...
  • 400 PAR Value at 24 inches: Good penetration for aquariums up to 24 inches in depth.
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Chassis & Frame Materials: Rust Proof Oxidized Aluminum & Rust Proof Oxidized Titanium.
  • Cooling / Airflow & Noise: Incorporates a unique passive cooling system, along with long life dual ball bearing quiet fans (which means they won't die or become noisier while slowing down), to keep the unit running optimally. These high quality fans are rated to run for 70,000 hours (8 YEARS!). The fans work in conjunction with a built-in internal thermostat, and will only kick on when and if the temperature exceeds 120° Fahrenheit. Furthermore the diodes are mounted on an all aluminum heat sink & circuitry boards, which are an excellent conduit material that allows dispersion of heat.
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum 14K~16K, great for coral reef aquariums and freshwater planted biotopes.
  • Warranty: All OptiMaxx® products are warranted for 2 years against manufacturing defects covering repair.
  • Optics: The optics are 90 degree optics which focuses the light beam into a 90 degree angle and thus directs all the light down instead of losing some light to outward projection.
  • Mounting: Optional wire hanging kit with convenient brass fittings, and slide-on legs, both included.
  • Shunt Protection: Includes shunt protection tubes (leap circuits). In the unlikely event should one CREE LED burn out, the rest of the CREE LEDs keep on running. One open circuit (blown LED) can cause an entire LED string to go dark leading to costly results. Because shunt protectors are added, this allows the healthy LEDs in the string to remain illuminated by shunting current around the inoperable LED. Since your expensive corals require an LED lighting application that is highly stable and has reliable functionality, you can now see the added benefit of shunt protection tubes. In conclusion it will keep the rest of your LEDs running until you are able to get that one burned out LED replaced.
  • Volts - Universal Input Range: 100 to 240VAC / 50 to 60Hz. Designed to be compatible with and used with voltage in most countries.
Spectrograph USA CREE™ XLamp® Information:
  • White LED: 8,000K - 16,000K, ~100 lumen / watt
  • Royal Blue LED: 450nm - 465nm
  • Red LED: 640nm - 660nm
  • Blue LED: 465nm - 485nm
  • Green LED: 505nm - 520nm
  • Total Lumens: Over 9,000 Lumens
  • Equal to MH / HPS light 250w - 400w

OptiMaxx 60w Nano on top of a Nano Aquarium

OptiMaxx 60w Nano LED Light

Close-Up of Nano Aquarium with OptiMaxx 60w Nano over it

OptiMaxx 60w Nano CREE Light

USA CREE™ XLamp® Full Spectrum

CREE LED Full Spectrum

USA CREE™ XLamp® Spectrograph

LED Reef Aquarium Lighting

USA CREE™ XLamp® Series Light Emitting Diodes

Cree Reef Aquarium Emitters

Image showing season modes on controller

OptiMaxx 60w LED Aquarium Light Remote Control Instructions

Image showing hanger wire

OptiMaxx 60w Nano LED aquarium light showing hanging kit

Specifications are subject to change as technologies change.

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