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OCReef XP-E® 60 W CREE™ LED Aquarium Light with 3 W High Intensity LED's

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CREE LED Aquarium Light
CREE Aquarium LED Light
Price: $499.99
Code: OC01E


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  • View the OCReef CREE LED commentary reef forum reviews from
  • Quit replacing those costly Ballasts, Metal Halide's, T5's, and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and go with our CREE™ LED's, they'll pay for themselves in the first year of use. Designed for hard & soft SPS and LPS Corals.
  • Includes (20) High Intensity 3 Watt CREE LED's: (10) White 10,000K LED's & (10) 455 nanometer Royal Blue LED's combined to create a High PAR value.
  • Includes On/Off Dual Manual Dimmer Lighting Control. Control White and Blue CREE™ LED's separately for the safe introduction of new corals.
  • Can be placed on dual timers, to control the blue and white LEDs separately via the dual power cords.
  • Includes Heavy Gauge, Grounded, Detachable, External Power Cords with stainless steel chrome plated ends & Power Supply.
  • The included basic wire hanging kit allows you to hang the light from your major support cables. Can also be placed on top of your glass canopy.
  • The Built-In Internal Thermostat turns the quiet running fan on or off as needed, to channel air through the heavy duty heat-sink, to keep the unit cooled at all times.
↓View Images & Heat Demo below.↓
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OCReef XP-E® 60 Watt CREE™ LED Aquarium Light with (20) 3 Watt High Intensity LED's CREE LED Aquarium Lighting

The CREE™ LED is leading the LED lighting revolution with its unprecedented lighting-class brightness, efficacy, lifetime and quality of light. These lighting-class features enable the CREE™ LED to replace many traditional light sources and save money with energy-efficient light and long lifetimes.

Why should I choose CREE LEDs?
CREE™ is the leader in LED innovation and technology. CREE™ LEDs are constructed of such great quality, that they are being used by major companies worldwide for Aquarium Lighting, Computers, Cell Phones, Flat Screen Televisions, Digital Cameras, Satellites, Commercial Airliners, Aviation, Universities, and Homes. And that's just to name a few. You can't go wrong with a CREE™ LED Aquarium Light. After seeing this, you'll have to ask yourself, "What's in my LED Aquarium Light"?.

The 60 Watt CREE™ 3W LED Light Fixture using 90 degree optic lens gives an extreme light spread with penetration from 24 inches up to 48 inches of water depth. Are perfect for large to nano sized aquariums. The unit measures 15.8 inches in Length x 5.6 inches in Width x 3.0 inches in Height (L x W X H). Weight: 10 lbs. - Operating Frequency 50Hz/60Hz. The LED's are rated for over 50,000 hours, providing 5 years or more of maintenance free and eco-friendly use. Unlike Metal Halide bulbs that require costly annual replacements, due to their deteriorating output and unpredictable color drift. Specifications subject to change.

Outer Casing Cover Color:
If you are going to place the CREE™ LED Aquarium light on top of your open top glass canopy, the three available casing colors will allow you to match your aquarium decor. Casing Colors, include: Black, Silver and White. All casing colors are powder coated, with a corrosion-proof finish. Select casing color from the above drop down, then Add to Cart.

No Heat Increase:
Running these light fixtures over your aquarium will drastically reduce the aquariums overall operating temperature. Therefore, typically there is no need to use other heat removal apparatus, while running these lights. Running these light fixtures gives you a working environmental temperature - 20 to +30 c. If you plan on using this fixture with or around other lighting fixtures including fluorescent or metal halide, "no worry" simply turn on the fan, this used in combination with the multi-channeled heat sink makes sure the unit stays cool at all times.

Dimming Capabilities:
As you introduce new corals to your tank, you do not need to reduce lighting hours, you can simply dial down the lighting until your new corals get accustomed to your tank. A wavelength of around 430 nanometers (nm), or higher are the required wavelengths where photosynthetic efficiency is at its highest for symbiotic corals. The 60 Watt CREE™ LED Aquarium Light produces a spectrum of light giving a pure 450~460nm spectrum with no harmful UV radiation unlike Metal Halides and T5 Fluorescents. And with the power supply built into the powder coated dimmer box, makes for an easy and less clustered installation.

Helpful Tips:
For reef aquariums 48 inches or 4 foot in length, fully stocked with corals, it's recommended to use 3 units minimum, either hung over the aquarium (with the included hanging kit), or placed on top of a glass aquarium top cover. For reef aquariums 48 inches or 4 foot lightly stocked with corals, fish only, fish only with live rock, and planted freshwater aquariums, you could run 2 units at a higher elevation to create a wider spread. PAR measures at a 48": Average of 270+, peak of 380+. Measurements are much greater as the depth of the aquarium decreases. On our PAR tests it out performed well over the reading of our comparable 250 watt MH lamp, and remember that's at only 60 Watts each unit.

PAR Test Measurements on a 24", 36", & 48" Aquarium:
48": average of 270, peak of 380
36": average of 350, peak of 450
24": average of 600, peak of 650

Versatility: (Can be used on Aquariums of all sizes)
These units work brilliantly on top of the 24 Gallon AquaPods, 28 Gallon Nano Cubes, 12 & 28 Gallon AquaEuro USA, and 29 Gallon BioCubes. Also great for custom reef aquarium builds and planted freshwater biotopes. The 60 Watt CREE™ LED Aquarium Light is so versatile, it makes the perfect gift for those on your shopping list who love all things aquarium!

Quality Assurance:
All LED products offered from, have been tested by us and have met or exceeded our high expectations, or we simply wouldn't sell it! We test all critical components in-house including PAR output, heat output, and electricity consumption, after a 24 hour burn in period for each unit, to ensure that each unit is of the highest quality. 1 year factory warranty.

Note: When these LED lights are available they sell fast. If you see the Pre-Order showing above, it means we are currently out of stock. The out of stock wait time is typically 2 to 4 weeks, you are welcome to Pre-Order, this will guarantee you'll receive one/some before they sell out again, it will also guarantee that you're locked in at the sale price showing above. Upon Pre-Ordering we'll notify you when it has shipped and when to expect it's delivery.

Heat Demonstration Video.↓

Video Showing Units Over Aquarium

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CREE LED Aquarium Lights

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