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High output T5 fluorescents (HOT5) are highly versatile; a great choice for novice intermediate and advanced reef enthusiasts alike. They provide ample light for all types of corals, including the more demanding small polyp stony corals, given enough bulbs are used. There are some species of clown hosting anemone that may demand more intense light, specifically the Ritteri anemone (Heteractis magnifica) and the Giant Carpet anemone (Stichodactlya gigantean).

HOT5 bulbs are so versatile because they have such a small diameter, and such a high wattage. This means several bulbs can be fitted over a relatively small area, allowing for ample light intensity and spectrum. Fixtures come with anywhere from 2 to 8 bulbs; a two bulb fixture would be more suitable for keeping soft corals, whereas hard corals and clams would fare better under 6 or 8 HOT5 bulbs. HOT5's have been proven to produce excellent growth in all types of corals. Hobbyists have also noticed that T5's stimulate corals to produce better coloration and fluorescence compared to power compacts.They provide sufficient light for tanks up to 24 inches high; tanks taller than this will not be well lit at the bottom. HOT5 bulbs come in a dazzling array of colors and spectrums and can be mixed and matched to produce a light color that suits your individual taste; more so than power compacts because there are normally more bulbs in an HOT5 fixture.

T5 fixtures vary greatly in price, but can be slightly more expensive than power compact fixtures. T5 Bulbs last nearly twice as long as PC bulbs, and only need to be replaced approximately once per year to year and a half. The bulbs are often less expensive than power compact bulbs, and due to the long life, upkeep costs are lower than that of power compacts. Due to the small diameter, HOT5 fixtures don't suffer from anywhere near as much re-strike, and so, much more of the light produced by HOT5 bulbs actually reaches the tank which is one factor that increases intensity and longevity. Because the bulbs produce more usable light per watt of usage, and the fact that they need to be replaced less often makes them a more environmentally friendly option than some other forms of lighting. 2011 All Rights Reserved.

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