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Kalk King Kalkwasser Doser + Smart Auto Top Off

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Kalk King Kalkwasser Doser + Smart Auto Top Off
Price: $399.99
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  • In stock. Order now and it will ship out same and/or next day.
  • Kalk King kalkwasser doser stirrer reactor is a complete automatic calcium hydroxide doser / Nelson reactor plus smart auto top off system
  • The Kalk King consists of an acrylic mixing chamber that is 6.5"L x 3.3"W x 14"H
  • Pumps included to both mix the kalk slurry and for dosing to the aquarium, both of which are controlled by a central computer.
  • The Kalk King's computer/controller allows users to easily adjust the mixing intervals and the drip rate of your feed pump.
  • The Kalk King is designed to install on a sump, no sump, or to even hang on the back of an aquarium like a hang on skimmer or filter.
  • Made by Reef Hobbyists, Tested by Reef Hobbyists, Sold by Reef Hobbyists.
  • Out of the box with no adjustment required other than calibrating the pH probe and setting the pH limit to 8.3
  • Recommended and Used Product.
↓See description and video below.↓
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Kalk King kalkwasser Doser + ATO system. The patent pending innovative microcomputer controlled kalkwasser doser with variable-rate water auto top off system takes all the complexity away from you and allows you to inexpensively and safely maintain the most stable aquarium where vital pH, calcium, KH and salinity are all automatically replenished and maintained!

Extended Description of Features:

1) Integrated pH monitor that safeguards the overdosing
2) Besides the mixing / stirring pump and the feed pump, a third pump to deliver fresh water for ATO during the period when user pH limit is hit
3) Programmable delivery rate from 2 ml per minutes to 60 ml per minutes using the front dial (slow dripping method)
4) Fail-safe features to protect float switch stuck at ON (reservoir low or tank leak) or OFF (mechanical failure). Unit will stop running and sound a siren buzzer
5) If user already has an ATO system, the unit can be set to timer mode to deliver a set volume per hour
6) Programmable periodic strong mixing cycle and continuous light stirring action to guarantee the most concentrated kalkwasser solution for every delivery
7) Never Clog output and easy to refill design
8) Even when check valve fails, no kalkwasser will be dumped back to the reservoir
9) Special design pump that can handle the in-chamber mixing and stirring function (During testing, same pump has run for 4 months without one hick-up! Also impeller replacement is inexpensive and easy to change in the rare event should it fail)
10) Set it and forget it design. Only need to refill once a week and maintain reservoir (siren will sound if reservoir is low for a programmable of time)

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