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Go Green!

Our Green Values - Now, and in the Future!

Here are a few of our featured Green Aquarium Products: (click products names to view products).

Green Aquarium Supply
  • Energy Saving OCReef CREE LED Aquarium Lighting - LED Aquarium Lighting has 3/4 less of a carbon footprint, compared to running other types of aquarium lighting, including Fluorescent and Metal Halides, which use more electricity, and the toxic gaseous filled lamps may end up our land fills when not properly disposed of.

  • Mangrove Seedling - Natural Aquarium Filter.

  • GreenFin Phosphate Free Water Conditioner - Green Friendly Pond Products.

  • Marc Weiss Algae Magic - All Natural. No artificial harmful chemicals.

  • Pond Barley Filter Pads - All Natural. No man-made synthetics used.

  • Poly Filter - Renewable; wash to re-use over and over again.

  • Seachem Purigen Filter Media - Filter media that controls ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates. Is designed for marine and freshwater use. The green aspect: Purigen controls aquarium water without needing several individual medias and it's reusable.

  • Reef Hermit Crab Shells - All Natural. Collected on the indonesian shorelines from marine animals that have already passed, then cleaned for home aquarium use.

  • Pacific Live Sand - All Natural. No synthetics used to manufacture.

  • Hydor Flo Water Deflector - Create more water flow & turbulence in your aquarium, without adding another water pump, therefore saving electricity. Made of recyclable materials.

  • Current USA Dual Outlet Aquarium Timer - Put your aquarium lights on a scheduled timer and in the process save electricity and have a healthier aquarium. Made of recyclable materials.

OCReef is a Carbon Neutral Company with deep-rooted Green Values - read more:

OCReef views exercising green values as an ongoing journey and not a destination. As a company, we are never satisfied with the "status quo", and this applies to our green values as well.

OCReef Green Toyota Algaeus Company Vehicle
ocreef green values

Currently, this is what we're doing toward "Going Green":

Ocean Conservationists
Considered as the lungs of the planet, coral reefs are vital ecosystems to oceans, as the tropical forest is for the earth. OCReef donates a portion of proceeds from every sale made from our online store to this cause (another great reason to select us for all your aquatic needs). These donations also fund programs helping to teach communities about green policies.

Aggressive Recycling Program
ocreef green recycled programWe recycle all of our cardboard, paper and plastics. We also use recycled materials for all company stationery, including advertisements, invoices and shipping boxes.

Non-Use of Synthetic Carpeting
Carpeting has been a major contributor to land fill overflow, and air pollution from manufacturing. OCReef uses no petrochemical based carpeting in our office or warehouse. Materials used are renewable, including Bamboo and Natural Stones.

Solar / Geothermal
OCReef plans to fully convert to energy sources such as solar and/or geothermal, within the next 5 years. Our ultimate goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by a minimum of 50%. And in turn, teach and help others in our industry. Solar energy will ultimately lower energy emissions needed to power equipment, such as Metal Halide Fixtures in fish and coral aquaculture facilities.

We hope that what we do as a company, will influence hobbyists and other pet related companies, to look at this ever-changing fragile planet differently.

We'll keep you updated on our "Greening" progress!

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