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Fun Fish Games

Insaniquarium - Insane Aquarium Game! Scroll Down

fun fish games the whole family can enjoy!

Insaniquarium! - Insane Aquarium? Feed fish! Fight aliens! Collect coins! What kind of crazy game is this? Explore a captivating underwater world in this insane action-puzzle adventure from the creators of BookWorm and Zuma! Feed your fish and watch your aquarium, and wealth, grow. Then, use your funds to buy more fish, unlock secret pets, and upgrade your tank. But, watch out! Seafood-loving aliens have their eyes on your school and it's up to you to keep them safe. It's not crazy - it's insane aquarium!

Insaniquarium Game Features:

  • ESRB Rating: E For Everyone
  • Four game types: Adventure, Time Trial, Challenge and Virtual Tank!
  • Spectacular 3D Graphics and Sounds
  • Defeat terrifying extra-terrestrial beasts!
  • Stock your virtual tank with custom-named fish!
  • Create your own personalized aquarium screensaver!
  • Excellent Replay ability - you'll have fun with this game for a long time.

Download Insaniquarium for PC only:

(Kids - please make sure you have your Parent's permission before you download this game!) The BEST Computer Fish Game ever! Note: Big Fish Games, Inc. makes this game available to you. Check out their site for other popular fish games.

Insane Aquarium Tips & Hints

The game starts off easy with only 2 guppies in the tank. You have to take care of them all the while trying to fend off aliens that show up every once in a while to eat your fish! Take good care of your fish and they drop coins (money). You or some of your other pets (get these as you play the game) collect the money, which you use to buy items and upgrades for the following:

  • Buy Guppy - button allows you to purchase more guppies.
  • Food - upgrade the food to a better quality.
  • Food Quantity - upgrade the number of food pellets that you can drop.
  • Buy Carnivore - these fish will not eat the fish food you drop in the tank, so you have to keep them fed with live fish.
  • Weapon Upgrade - upgrading your weapon allows you to destroy the aliens faster.
  • Buy Egg Piece - the object of each level is to get all three-egg pieces before you can proceed to the next level.

When starting a new level, some good tank mates to choose would be the snail (Stinky), the octopus (Clyde) and Presto that can change into any other pet. However, you won't be able to get Presto until you've beaten the game one time. Seymour the turtle and Nimbus the stingray are also good choices to take with you on the different levels.

Stinky the snail - collects any coins on the bottom of the tank. Clyde the octopus - collects coins in the water. Presto - can change into any other pet by right clicking. Seymour the turtle - makes everything fall at a slower rate, coins and food. Nimbus the stingray - bounces food and coins back up into the tank, giving you a second chance to click on the coins and your fish a second chance to eat the fish food.

Insaniquarium is a really fun insane aquarium game that has new fish, pets, and aliens as you complete each level. The premise of this game may sound really silly, but this game is very fun and very addicting! This game has a lot of levels and the replay-ability is great. You won't get tired of this insane aquarium game for a LONG time. It's a game the whole family can enjoy!

Insaniquarium Game Tricks, Tips and Comments

From: Fish Game Lover
I think this has to be the best computer aquarium game out there. I'm waiting anxiously for the next version of this fun game. The replay ability is fantastic and my kids just love it. Here is a neat trick, especially around Christmas time... In your tank (not in level mode) you can rename a fish that you buy "Santa" and it will play Christmas tunes. Pretty cool! Get this game; you will have many hours of fun.

From: Insaniquarium Lover
To save money, only drop food into the tank when they turn green other wise the food will just drop to the floor. When you're trying to defeat the alien, try pushing it downwards. It worked for me...

From: A Fish
Instead of waiting for them to go green, wait about 7 seconds between feedings. If you wait until the fish turn green it takes them longer to grow. Also when doing a level, try to balance your pets. Try to use something like: 1 to attack (e.g. rufus, icthy), 1 to protect fish (e.g. wadsworth), and one to help with money (e.g. seymore, vert). Also, if you have the silver trophy, put your cursor over the trophy and press [Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] B A to enter sandbox mode, once your in, try pressing letters on the keyboard. Have fun!

From: Wilhelm Joshua Tan
1. Write ZOMBIE if you want your fish to be zombies.
2. Write SPACE if you want your fish in space.
3. In Virtual Tank, buy an ordinary guppy and name it Santa.

From: Alex
Go to main menu and type in GIVE and you can get money from your other tanks.


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