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Fish Species Sites

Fish Species Sites

Bala Sharks

Bala Shark, Silver Shark
Informational site about bala sharks. Bala shark aquarium needs, what to feed them, their illnesses and how to treat them.


My Betta Community
A Web site and forum for aquarists interested in the health and care of betta fish.

A website dedicated to Betta splendens, with information on care, housing, breeding, health and lots more.

A friendly forum to discuss all aspects of keeping & breeding Betta splendens. Knowledgeable and experienced members always willing to give advice.

Betta Fish
Betta fish information, tips and advice about betta fish care, breeding betta fish, and the betta tank aquarium.


All - The Number 1 Resource for Cichlids
Hobbyist information about African, Central, & South American Cichlids.

Our Malawi Cichlids
Website about the malawi-cichlids we keep with a growing database and a lot of our own pictures of (at this moment) over 500 species and varieties.

Sydney Cichlid Aquarium Pages
This site has a lot of information about keeping cichlids as well as many articles on DIY (do-it-yourself) aquarium projects.

Wisconsin Cichlid Forum - is a site dedicated to the care of cichlids. This site has an active forum, live chat, buy, sell, and trade opportunities, articles, photos, and more.

Jeffs Aquatic Life
African cichlid seller and breeder, fish care products, and aquarium maintenance service.

Dutch website with articles about aquariums and cichlids.

Freshwater Cichlids
Freshwater cichlids fish info, articles and calculators.

Malawi Cichlid Site
My site has lots of information on Malawi cichlids, and on types of cichlids.


Breeding Clownfish
Just like its name suggests, Breeding Clownfish has information and videos on breeding clownfish and caring for their fry. There is also a description of how to raise live rotifers for clownfish fry to eat.

Clown Loaches

Clown Loach Fish
Informational site about clown loaches. Clown loach aquarium needs, what to feed them, their illnesses and how to treat them.


Discus Tropical Fish
Articles, content, and videos about discus tropical fish, and setting up a discus aquarium.

Jack Wattley Discus
Jack Wattley has been a breeder of quality discus for many years. In addition to the discus you can also find other aquarium products on his site.

Discus as a Hobby
An online community for discus hobbyist. Discussion forums including photo galleries, feeding, breeding, disease information, plus sales and other freshwater fish discussion.

Fanatik discus is a blog dedicated to the the king of aquariums. You'll find pictures, articles, reports about aquariums and more about discus (symphysodon sp).


Aqua Puppies - A Goldfish Community
A site dedicated to the care and health of goldfish. They also have a forum.

Goldfish Links
A web site that lists resources of interest to goldfish hobbyists. Their goal is to provide resources to goldfish aquarists so that hobbyists are more educated about goldfish care so goldfish will live healthier lives.

Goldfish Emergency
Providing information on goldfish rescue and procedures using all natural remedies; plus 10 Steps to excellent goldfish health the natural way. This site contains just about everything you'll ever need to know about goldfish care.

Basic information relating to goldfish care.


Guppy Blog is a site that chronicles the experiences of a Singaporean Guppy Breeder and enthusiast.

Championship Show Guppies
IFGA master breeder and color class champion for over 40 years selling only top quality breeding stock. All fish are guaranteed to arrive alive and produce offspring of equal or better quality of guppies purchased.

Fancy Guppy
Cool blog showing information on freshwater aquarium fish "fancy guppy".


Bonnie's Plants - Koi & Pond Specialists
While this is mainly a commercial site where you can purchase koi and pond plants, they also have a lot of useful information on keeping and feeding koi.

Koi and Pond Guides
Build a fish or Koi pond. Create a tranquil space right in your own backyard. This website shows you how to build a koi pond step by step. It also gives you tips and information to keep your pond and fish healthy and thriving.

Koi Pond Kits
Buyers information on koi pond filters and pond kits.


Loaches Online
A Website for people who love loaches.


Piranhalar, Nattereri - Piranha, pygocentrus, serrasalmus, piranhas, nattereri, rhombeus, piraya, cariba, pacu.

Piranha Crunch
Piranha Crunch offers information on piranhas including where to buy piranhas online, how to care for piranhas, videos, and more.

Plecostomus - The Ultimate Pleco Community.

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