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Coralife HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp, 150W, 14K

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Coralife HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp, 150W, 14K
coralife aqualight
Price: $51.79
Code: ES53702


  • Generates less heat than screw-socket metal halide bulbs
  • The 14K and 20K color temperature are most commonly used with reef aquariums
↓See detailed description below.↓
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Coralife HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp, 150W, 14K

The Coralife HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp, 150W, can be used to replace any 150W HQI Double Ended metal halide lamp. The 14K color temperature is most commonly used with reef aquariums.

More Information:

Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting Systems
Metal halide systems are high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems popular among many aquarium hobbyists. Metal halide lamps generate a large amount of heat and also emit ultraviolet radiation which is harmful to eyes and skin. For this reason, Metal Halide discharge lamps require special handling and care to ensure safe and proper usage.
Metal halide lamps produce the most concentrated, most intense light of any type of artificial lighting. They are ideally suited for deep freshwater planted aquariums and saltwater reef aquariums containing light-loving corals such as SPS (small polyped stony) and LPS (large polyped stony) corals and invertebrates including Tridacna clams and others. A spectacular desirable effect of metal halide lighting in your aquarium is the "glitter effect," which replicates the effect of surface waves reflecting on a reef in a natural environment.

Wattage Tips from years of experience:

What watt do I need?
  • 150 Watt - 175 Watt: up to 20 Inch deep aquarium and/or if you have mixed corals including a few SPS (small polyped stony) place clams up high in aquarium.
  • 250 Watt: up to 30 Inch deep aquarium housing mixed corals, including both SPS (small polyped stony) and clams.
  • 400 Watt: up to 48 Inch deep aquarium and/or having a dedicated SPS (small polyped stony) and clam reef aquarium.
Metal Halide Bulb Safety and Handling Tips:

Metal Halide lamps should only be operated in an enclosed fixture with an ultraviolet absorbing glass filter (protective lens). Failure to do so may cause serious skin and eye inflammation. Do not use these lamps in fixtures where any unfiltered light is emitted from the fixture. Do not operate these lamps if the ultraviolet absorbing filter glass is broken or not installed.

Metal Halide lamps should only be operated in an enclosed fixture that safely contains all lamp parts in the event of a lamp burst and/or rupture. These lamps operate at a high internal pressure and at high temperatures. If a lamp burst does occur, it can cause physical injury and property damage.

Metal Halide lamps should never be operated beyond their rated useful life span. The risk of a lamp burst and/or rupture increases with temperature, improper operation, improper handling and in some instances lamp age.

Do not bump, drop, apply excessive stress, or scratch the lamp. This could cause the lamp to burst. Do not operate any lamps with any traces of scratches, cracks, or physical damage.

Never operate a lamp above and/or below its rated current or voltage. This could cause the lamp to leak or burst. Only operate lamp with compatible ballast and fixture. Check with the manufacture if you are uncertain.

Always turn off the electrical power before inserting, removing, or cleaning the lamp. Avoid touching the lamp with your bare hands and be sure to wipe off any fingerprints with a clean lint-free soft cloth. Debris or oils left on the lamp can damage the lamp as the it heats up.

All electrical connections/connectors should be clean and in good condition.

Check lamp holders and sockets periodically for replacement, if needed.

Affix the lamp securely in the socket. Improper installations will cause arcing, overheating, and shorten life to lamp and socket.

Do not touch the lamp when it is on, or soon after it has been turned off, as it is hot and may cause burns. Lamps should be allowed to cool for a minimum of ten minutes after the lamp is turned off.

Do not use lamp in close proximity of paper, cloth, or any other combustible material that can cause a fire hazard. Never expose operating lamp to moisture.

Do not look directly at the operating lamp for any period of time, this can cause eye injury.

Remember, metal halide lamps require several minutes of warm-up time to come to full brightness and color.

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