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Community of Conservation

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Donate to Fish and Reef Conservation, to help research, educate, and fund ocean and waterways clean-up programs worldwide.

*(See the various aquatic animals we are helping in the image slider below.)

Our Mission

The Mission of Ocreef is to increase the publicís knowledge and appreciation of Marine Environments, and inspire commitment to preserve its existence.

OCReef donates to marine life Conservation organizations and aquarium societies who work to promote a sustainable, environmentally sound coral & fish trade worldwide. They do so, through programs that teach environmentally friendly methods of harvesting marine animals, and provide incentives for reef stewardship, conservation and management.

All OCReef donations help to fund grants and programs benefiting non-profit Marine & Reef Ocean Animal Welfare organizations, these programs have helped to clean up and save thousands of Coral Reefs nationwide, and have helped save the lives of millions of Marine Animals worldwide.

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When communities derive economic benefits from a resource, they are more likely to participate in the protection of those resources. Conservation organizations partner with local communities that depend on marine aquarium resources, to help them to not only embrace these programs, but to also protect the greater coral/fish reef ecosystem from its myriad threats. Coastal communities with incentives to manage and conserve reefs, are the only hope for widespread, ongoing, effective and financially sustainable reef conservation and management. This is especially true in countries that do not have the funds to create, implement and enforce enough laws and management plans to protect all reefs, all the time.

Coral Reefs

Considered as the lungs of the planet, coral reefs are vital ecosystems to oceans, as the tropical forest is for the earth. Coral reefs are also among the most vulnerable ecosystems worldwide. They suffer from devastating causes such as climate changes, pollution, waste disposal, coastal development, and anchor damages. Furthermore, reefs are being destroyed in unregulated and uncontrolled trade areas where chemicals are used to collect marine species.

Some practices set forth by conservation programs include:
  • Requiring reef conservation and management for marine life collection areas
  • Eliminating destructive collection practices and reducing over-fishing
  • Creating sustainable livelihoods to help generate income for poverty-stricken coastal communities, and the industry as a whole

You too, can help transform the coral/fish trade, and protect and preserve our coral reefs and oceans, by donating to this great cause directly, or through your purchases at

Connect with Conservation

We know you love animals and we do, too! Visit an AZA-accredited zoo or aquarium and help make a difference for wildlife.

AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums are some of the best places for you and your family to get connected to conservation. Not only can you learn how to help protect endangered species and wildlife habitat, but you can also find out about recycling and energy conservation and other ways to help our planet.

oc reef aquatics donations

Together, we can help make this a healthier planet for future generations.

Click here to see our Green Values!

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