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BlueLine Aquatics VHO 120 Watt / 14000 Kelvin (450nm) LED Pendant

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BlueLine Aquatics LED fixture
Price: $499.99
Our Price: $479.99
You Save: $20.00 (4%)
Code: BMA011

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  • Save 60% in lighting costs.
  • 120 Watts created by (VHO) Very High Output 3 Watt Bridgelux LEDs:

    55 x 3 Watt Bridgelux LEDs ( 35 White & 20 Blue 450 nm) for an excellent spectrum and penetration depth. PAR at 12" is 485
  • Save on energy costs in two ways: 1. Does not require a great amount of electricity at only 120 watts, caused by the LED efficiency. 2. With low operating temperatures your aquarium will run cooler, therefore allowing your chiller to run less often.
  • Light weight fixture is easy to maneuver and position.
  • Provides efficient lighting for reef aquariums with a 2 to 4 ft. depth.
  • Extremely durable with a 50,000 hour lifetime.
  • Comes with three cooling fans that start quietly when operated. They remove the "heat" from the LED by channeling air through the internal heat sink, to ensure a long lifetime of each single LED bulb.
  • Comes with 1 year standard manufacturer warranty.
↓Read detailed description below.↓
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BlueLine Aquatics VHO 120 Watt / 14000 Kelvin (450nm) LED Pendant

PAR at 12" is 485. Great for LPS on bottom, and SPS on top. To give you a better idea of how many fixture units you may need: For standard 60 to 100 gallon aquariums with a 2 to 4 foot depth, you would need to hang/mount two individual units. Hanging Wires / Suspension Kit included. The unit is silently cooled by built-in fans. The ballast/driver is also built-in to this compact footprint and light weight LED Fixture.

120 Watt LED Fixture specifications:

55 x 3W 14,000K Very High Output Bridgelux White LEDs
35 x 3W 450nm Very High Output Blue LEDs
Control the blue and white LEDs separately
2 Switches
Built-In Power Supply
Bot the White & Blue LED Lights can be put on a timer to be controlled separately.

Blue Moon Aquatics LED Pendant Dimensions: →
Length: 16 inches
Width: 8.5 inches
Height: 2.5 inches
Weight: 11.023 pounds

Power Output:
Watts: 120
Universal Input Range:
85~264 V AC / 50-60Hz
AC Cable Length:
(2) 6 ft power cords
Regulatory Compliance: (meets requirements/limits)

The power supply carries the CE mark. All fixtures are engineered to be CE compliant and are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant; meet lead-free requirements.

Detailed description:

BlueLine Aquatics LED fixture:
A fascinating "powerful" light that enhances the fluorescent dyes, growth and colors of corals, clams and invertebrates. It creates an intensive natural shimmering effect throughout the entire tank.

*View the Blue Line Aquatics LED Pendant Spectrum Chart. Opens in a new window.

The color temperature and spectrum of the 14,000K 120 Watt LED fixture with its high lumen output replicates the intensity of the sun around a shallow coral reef. It combines its spectrum with a 450nm actinic range and has been created to achieve the blue chlorophyll absorption for zooxanthellae symbiosis.

Most invertebrates and corals kept in a marine tank originate from shallow waters. Up to 10 ft depth, where nearly the entire "visible" color spectrum of light is evenly spread.
A blue accenting illumination combined with a full spectrum light of a 14,000 K temperature bears; therefore this is a desirable lighting to keep and grow corals in the reef aquarium.

Looking at the color spectrum of the BlueLine Aquatics fixture, the uniform curve shows the desired increase of the actinic range, it also shows an evenly spread natural spectrum curve with a reduced red spectral range, which ensures remarkable growth of all corals and invertebrates with endosymbiotic algae.

NOTE: When these lights are available they sell fast. If you see the Pre-Order showing above, it means we are currently out of stock. The out of stock wait time is typically 1 week, you are welcome to Pre-Order one, this will guarantee you'll receive one before they sell out again. Upon Pre-Ordering we'll notify you when it has shipped and when to expect it's delivery.

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