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Aqua Euro USA 34 Gallon Complete HQI Metal Halide Reef Aquarium System With Stand

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AquaEuroUSA 34 Gallon Complete HQI Metal Halide Reef Aquarium
Price: $899.99
Our Price: $799.99
You Save: $100.00 (11%)
Code: ED5115

  • A complete reef aquarium with built-in overflow filtration, filter media, pump, metal halide lighting, heater, UV Sterilizer, Protein Skimmer, and stand.
  • A perfect aquarium for your office or home.
  • Each aquarium system was manufactured with superior craftsmanship, and has undergone a high level of quality control.
  • Each aquarium was manufactured with high grade quality seamless curved glass, giving them an optimum viewing capacity.
  • The coated wooden aquarium stand has a smooth precision protective finish.
  • highly recommended for quality and for value. Everything is included with this system; would cost well over $2000 if you purchased everything separately.
  • Note: There is a heavy weight shipping charge for this item, applied during check-out. Add to cart, and visit check-out page for estimate. Average cost of shipping to the 48 states is $199.99.
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Aqua Euro 34 Gallon All-in-One Aquarium System With Stand

This unit includes a 150 watt 14K HQI metal halide bulb, 6 blue LED lights on a separate switch from the metal halide lamp, full filtration including a 5 watt UV Sterilizer, denitrator, a venturi protein skimmer, ceramic cylinders, bio balls and sponge. Dual 370 gph submersible pumps are included, which along with the halide lighting, make it a great tank for all corals - including SPS. An automated internal "smart" cooling fan is included to cool the halide bulb. A 100 watt heater is included as well. The stand the tank rests on is a full 3 feet tall in height which brings it more into view, compared to other nano tanks which you have to bend down to see.
An Aqua Euro 1/13 HP Mighty Pro chiller works great for chilling. (sold separately).

Aqua Euro USA 34 Gallon Complete HQI Metal Halide Reef Aquarium System With Stand

Ideal for Coral Reef Aquariums, Saltwater Fish Only Aquariums, Saltwater Fish With Live Rock (FOWLR), and can also be used as a Freshwater Planted Aquarium. This complete HQI metal halide reef system makes a perfect fish tank for home or office.


The AquaEuro USA 34 Gallon HQI Reef Ready Nano Aquarium was designed with a compact footprint, making this stylish nano aquarium a perfect addition to any room in the home, or office. Makes a great addition to any small business, where any empty boring areas can be brought to life with a show-stopper living reef. Tip For Small Business Owners: A new aquarium placed at your place of business is Tax Deductible.

Aquarium: 23" x 20" x 24 7/8" (L x W x H)
Stand: 22 1/2" x 20 1/4" x 35 1/2" (L x W x H)

Powerful Lighting System:

HQI Metal Halide 150 Watt 14,000 Kelvin System. Produces an intense high PAR value

This lighting system hood/canopy combination has a built-in digital fully programmable light cycle timer. Also includes an internal cooling fan with an Automatic temperature control thermostat.

Emits a full spectrum brilliant white light, that emulates natural sunlight. Also includes 6 Blue Lunar LEDs, which can be run in conjunction with the white lights to create an ideal spectrum for LPS and SPS hard/soft corals. The Blue LEDs can also be run at night for moonlighting.

Promotes the development of photosynthetic corals, anemones, and plants

Enhances the natural vibrant color in fish, corals, and marine life

The 6 Blue LED moonlights are also great for nocturnal viewing

5-Stage Filtration System:

Includes filter sponge, bio-balls, UV sterilizer, venturi protein skimmer, and de-nitrator

Offers a smooth finish along with an attractive stylish design blending in well with all decor, for home or office

Uses high grade seamless curved glass for optimum viewing

Operating Conveniences:

Designed to be easy to operate, for beginners or advanced hobbyists

Includes easy to operate heater

Convenient feeding access through the front flip-up door hatch

The two included high performance Aqua Euro USA water pumps are maintenance free, giving you years of trouble free performance

Easily access all filtration apparatus while hood is open

Note: The Aquarium and Stand can be sold separately. Please contact us, if you wish to purchase either one separately. This product listing includes both the aquarium and stand being sold together as one unit, to offer a super great value on a complete set-up!

AquaEuro USA 34 Gallon Nano Reef Aquarium

Positive Customer Review
Sweet Tank
Excellent tank, but I didn't use the stand at all. Have lots of patience with the protein skimmer guys, it works! Lights, heater, UV and everything else in this whole system is excellent!
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